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Family Food Relief Sponsorship

The Covid Pandemic crippled Nepal’s health system, work was very difficult to find and many families struggled as the country went in and out of lockdowns. Nepal’s first pandemic wave mainly hit Nepal’s big cities. The second wave quickly spread to the villages where there is limited access to healthcare.

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Kathmandu Valley Homeless Shelter Sponsorship

The Active Hearts Foundation has become a principal sponsor for the Kathmandu based Human Welfare Society supporting their Four Homeless Shelters.

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Bhaktapur City Orphanage Sponsorship

The Kathmandu Valley based ‘Human Welfare Society’ (Manav Kalyan Samaj) was founded in the months following the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes. Their mission is to provide a safe environment for mentally and physically disabled homeless people and children in Kathmandu city, so that they may live with respect and integrity. 

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Library Sponsorship

You can do this as an individual, as family or friends, on behalf of your business or as a group of work colleagues.

This is a super awesome venture to do as a classroom or through your school library.
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