We are a grass roots international charity based in New Zealand.

Our focus lies in remote Himalayan villages prioritizing health and education projects.

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The Active Hearts Foundation is a group of trekking guides, family and friends from New Zealand, Nepal and the world, who lead expeditions through the Himalaya and want to give something back to the communities they live and work in. The Nepalese are wonderfully humble and caring folk who constantly make trekking tours magic by sharing their homes, culture and friendship. Active Hearts was formed to build school libraries in the remote villages of our local guides and porters and to assist with other small community projects. We were due to open our first library on 1st May 2015 in the village of Satdobate, 100km northwest of Kathmandu. This village and its surrounds were destroyed by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal on April 25th and May12th.

All funds and resources were channelled towards Satdobate and many other villages for immediate survival, in particular the small village of Gogane where many of Active Adventures porters are from. The focus was on emergency shelter, food, water, sanitation and medical assistance.

We became an international team of friends with a common purpose. On the ground we could work as a front line aid and relief team uninhibited by red tape and politics. Every cent donated into our charity goes directly to those in need. It was a very personal cause as it was our family and friends out there who needed help.   

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We managed to accomplish some amazing things in the weeks following the quakes. Over $50,000 of emergency aid was given. Kelsey and Jenna, our amazing nurses from Alaska, treated hundreds of patients at our makeshift medical centres. We built free-standing monsoon shelters to provide relief from the heavy rains which were fast approaching. 

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We built a $10,000 irrigation project to benefit approximately 2000 villagers.

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Nothing would have been possible without the very generous people around the world who donated and fundraised for us. Nepal continues to face problems and hardships that most of us would have trouble imagining.

After the 2015 monsoon season, we were able to turn our attention once again to library projects. We opened our beautiful Satdobate library on 8th Nov 2015, provided medicines and supplies, distributed donated clothing, quilts, laptops, books, toys and messages of support.                                       

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We led an international group of trekking friends through the remote lower Solu Khumbu region that October to assist our friends in Gudel village. We then supplied much needed educational books and laptops in the Gudel village area.                

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We also sponsored much needed pre and post-natal equipment in the Sikuri Health Clinic in Satdobate. These funds were raised by our awesome Alaskan family.

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We completed and opened another library on 29th May 2016 in Ainshelu, Kahule in Nukawot. A heartwarming occasion in an area devastated by the earthquakes.                                                                                                                                       

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Our most recent library project was opened 14th April 2017 in Shree Saraswati school, located in the beautiful Sidhing village beneath magestic Machhapuchhre Mountain in the Annapurna foothills. This school was destroyed in the earthquakes.           

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We continue to distribute donated items to those most in need. A mention and a big thank you must go to our wonderful teams of knitters in New Zealand and Alaska.                              

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Exciting times for all as the Active Hearts team of volunteers and our network of contacts and suppliers on the ground continues to grow. 2018 brings many more projects to complete. As it has been from day one, our focus is on the little ones, the children specifically through education and health projects.

Nothing is possible without our kind donors. A million thanks to the generous people all over the globe who have and continue to support us x

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