30th Dec 2018


Bhawani School Windows and Doors

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About the project

Bhawani Higher Secondary School. 

In the Himalayan foothills of Nuwakot district is beautiful Kakani village. Located 1.5hrs drive north of Kathmandu city this community is blessed with incredible vistas of Ganesh Himal and the Manaslu mountain range.

On October 28th 2018, Hearts members Dan, Kelsey, Rajan, and his wife Anslu travelled by jeep to visit the Bhawani Higher Secondary School est: 1959. Active Hearts is blessed to have so many dedicated Nepalese working on the front line of our projects to ensure all cultural, social, economic, and logistical considerations are taken into account. This is where the extremely connected Rajan Simkhada comes into play.

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Dk, Principal Mr. Shankar, Rajan Simkhara and a teacher

It was Rajan’s connections to the area that brought us here as he knows the people, the community, and their struggles.

The principal Mr. Shankar Prasad Lohani took us for a tour of the school which was badly damaged during the 2015 earthquakes. Of the 26 classrooms, 16 were damaged as well as the ablutions block.

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As is common in Nepal, the student to teacher ratio is very high. There are 765 pupils and 21 teachers. Of the 21 teachers, 15 teachers are employed by the government meaning they are provided approx. 1 teacher per 50 students. The salaries of the six other teachers are supported by the Village Development Committee Fund (VDC) which is difficult but necessary. The school also has 3 support staff for admin etc.

After a tour of the school and spending time with the children in the classrooms it became obvious Active Hearts should do what we can to assist. 

What can we do?

Install classroom doors and windows

-Mr. Shankar explained that the funding for the current classrooms did not include money to install doors and windows. During the winter months (Dec-Mar) there can be a bitter cold wind blowing through the school grounds and many children end up sick and struggle to attend their lessons.                   

 The cost to install 10 doors and 40 windows is $3500 USD 

We are proud to say that with donations from around the world we COMPLETED this project 7TH MAY 2019!


Thank you to all those that assisted with this project!

The Active Hearts Foundation family


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