Kathmandu Valley Homeless Shelter Sponsorship

Project start date : 2025-05-15
Project goal : $ 50,000.00

The Covid Pandemic has shifted our focus from being purely project based to now also providing much needed humanitarian aid.

This global pandemic has affected everyone around the world in one way or another.

About the project

Human Welfare Society
मानव कल्याण समाज (सेवाघर)
Bhaktapur, Nepal Est. 2015


The Active Hearts Foundation has become a principal sponsor for the Kathmandu based Human Welfare Society.

The Human Welfare Society provide 5 homeless shelters in the Kathmandu Valley.

The 250 homeless folks living in these shelters live some of the toughest lives. Most are mentally and physically disabled, and some are paralysed.

The centres are run by both local volunteers and those capable living there. Active Hearts Foundation is the only international organisation assisting the Human Welfare Society.

Throughout the 2020 – 2022 pandemic and into the future we are assisting with rent, food, medicines, tuition fees and transportation overheads.



Total Homeless Children and Adults Rescued – 700

 Residents Reunited with families approximately – 400

Residents passed away in the facilities – 63

Residents at the Central Shelter, Bhaktapur – 65
Residents at the Dhulikhel Shelter, Kabhre – 150
Residents at the Dang Branch – 45
Residents at the Kathmandu Branch – 20

Number of Children at the Orphanage in Bhaktapur – 42

(Youngest is 2 months, oldest is 14 years, 32 attend schooling)


Please consider donating to this cause.

Thank you Namaste x

Our Goal $ 50,000.00 $ 3,490.00
Active Hearts Foundation

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