Satdobate Secondary School Library

Project start date : 2015-11-08
Project goal : $ 10,000.00

Sadtobate Secondary School Library. Our very first Active Hearts Foundation project was very nearly destroyed 6 days before it was due to open by the devastating 2015 Nepal Earthquakes

Satdobate Village is beautiful!

Located  in Nuwakot district about 8 hours north of Kathmandu, the Active Hearts Foundation library at the school was opened on 8 November 2015.

The opening was almost six months late due to the massive April 25th 2015 earthquake which flattened much of this area, one of the hardest hit by the earthquake

This is a magical place beneath the beautiful Langtang Range which towers over 7,000m (23,000ft)

The opening ceremony had originally been set for May 1st but the earthquake struck six days earlier. Our efforts moved to more immediate survival issues and the library was put on hold.

Read more on our Earthquake efforts.

Finally, six months later after monsoon, we returned to open the freshly renovated library. A small group of Active Hearts volunteers, who had just finished a charity trek through the lower Solu Khumbu region, came to see how our village families were faring after the earthquakes.


Active Hearts provided all materials, building labour costs and about 3000 specially printed curricular related books.

The cost for this project was $10,000 NZD

Many of our fellow Nepali guides and porters’ children attend this school and come from the same village nearby of Gogane. Gogane is one of about 10 small village communities that send their children to the 50 year old Sadtobate school. The student role is approximately 900 catering for 5-17 year olds. 

The library provides a huge range of books from reference to curriculum to novels. It includes children’s books in English, along with puzzles and games. There are now also two university classes in humanities and business.

A huge thank you to Queenstown Salvation Army & Sandspit Road School in New Zealand for their massive donations of books!

The day couldn’t have been better with the entire village, complete with local band, escorting the Active Hearts Foundation team through town to the Sadtobate Higher Secondary school for the ceremony.

What a ceremony it was!

Six hours of music, dancing and speeches. Ten members from the Active Hearts charity were present and very spoilt by the local children, teachers and villagers. We had representatives from New Zealand, Alaska, Nepal and Australia. The library looked amazing and has already been put to good use by the excited students.

After some massively major set backs we are so proud of our team in Nepal and so thankful to all the donors who have made this possible.

Thank you, Namaste, YOU’RE AMAZING!
Our Goal $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00
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