Navajeewan Secondary School Library

Project start date : 2024-03-25
Project goal : $ 7,500.00

Shree Navajeewan Secondary School is a progressive school with technical agricultural education classes.  These classes teach aspects of Nepali horticulture and small business learnings. The aim is to provide quality education, self-reliant and sustainable practices. THIS PROJECT IS SUPPORTED BY HEARTSPACE EXPEDITIONS AND GUESTS JOINING THE GANESH HIMAL 2024 CHARITY TREK

This beautiful school is located in Kakani-6, Keureni- Nuwakot district.

In total there are 579 students and a total of 29 staff members. 19 Teachers are paid by the government and 10 staff are funded through village donations. The school is spread over 3.3 acres of which they own 32% and rent the remaining land. The principal is Mr Binod Lama.

The school consists of academic buildings including a laboratory and workshop, hot house and outdoor horticulture facilities. There is also a student hostel building and a

Dan Keys – AHF CEO ‘We were very impressed with the school facilities and management systems. The staff are dedicated to providing the very best education opportunities possible with the tools they have. It was very encouraging to the Active Hearts team to see the agricultural classes. The students learn all about permaculture practices and business. The classes involve a lot of ‘hands on’ learning. They are also involved in the selling and management of the produce.’

A new library would provide much needed resources and books relevant to the agricultural programs as well as the other subjects.

The cost for the library facility is $7500 NZD

This is to be a special ‘Ganesh Himal 2024 Charity trek project’ These projects are supported by Heartspace Expeditions trekkers and opened during the tours. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in joining a Heartspace Expedition.

Please consider donating to the AWESOME library project and help us give the students of Navajeevan Secondary School the tools they need to thrive at school and beyond!

Thank you and Namaste x

Shree Nawajeevan Secondary School common area

The School is located on a beautifully terraced hillside in Nuwakot District

The main building with classrooms

Dan and Arjun discussing the plan for a library upgrade



Our Goal $ 7,500.00 $ 4,800.00
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