Bhaktapur City Orphanage Sponsorship

Project start date : 2025-05-22
Project goal : $ 50,000.00

The Kathmandu Valley based ‘Human Welfare Society’ (Manav Kalyan Samaj) was founded in the months following the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes. Their mission is to provide a safe environment for mentally and physically disabled homeless people and children in Kathmandu city, so that they may live with respect and integrity. 

The 250 homeless folks living in the HWS shelters live some of the toughest lives.

Most are mentally and physically disabled, and some are paralysed.

Number of Children at the Orphanage in Bhaktapur – 42

(Youngest is 2 months, oldest is 14 years, 32 attend schooling)

Mr Bijaya Pokhrel and his team at the HWS have become the only family these children have:

We first met Mr Bijaya Pokhrel at the Kathmandu National Library when he became the facilitator and instructor for the Active Hearts Foundation Librarian 3 day training course. (Once our libraries are completed we train a librarian to manage the facility) Mr Pokhrel shared his story in creating the HWS post 2015 earthquake after seeing a desperate need to support the many helpless and homeless children in Kathmandu city. His amazing efforts to provide these children a place to call home were very inspiring to us and we knew we had to help with his cause. The 5 homeless shelters and orphanages are run 100% by donations without governmental assistance.

The Active Hearts Foundation is the only International Charity assisting the Human Welfare Society


Other donations come purely from local Nepalese businesses and individuals, many of which could no longer support HWS due to financial hardships through the Covid Pandemic. We are committed to continue assisting HWS and their mission to provide food, medical assistance, accommodation, purpose and love for these homeless children and folk that need it the most.

The facilities provide motivational programs and creative skills programs to help empower the occupants and give them a meaningful role in the community. HWS also endeavour to reunite the children or individuals with their villages and families if possible.

There are plans to help create a school for the mentally disabled orphans to assist with their learnings

Please help us to continue to provide assistance to the very special important cause.

This is a project we encourage you to select the Reoccurring Donation payment option on the donation page.



Our Goal $ 50,000.00 $ 6,860.00
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