Jalpa Devi School Clean Drinking Water Project

Project start date : 2024-12-20
Project goal : $ 4,500.00

Everyone deserves access to safe drinking water.
It is a human right.

Lets get this done for the students of Jalpa Devi School.
We can do this together!!

Jalpa Devi School is in desperate need of an upgraded safe drinking water station.

$4500 NZD ($2800USD)

The school is located approximately 1.5h drive north from Kathmandu City in the Kakani municipality.

Following the destructive 2015 earthquakes in Nepal this area rebuilt as best they could. Jalpa Devi school was no different however government funds for maintenance and upgrades are not available. Active Hearts Foundation wish to re purpose and upgrade the current system. This includes creating a safe access path and area for the drinking taps. We also plan on providing new header tanks, piping, tap ware and filters onto the system.

Please consider donating to this very important project.

Water is life and we all have a right to clean safe drinking water!!

Our Goal $ 4,500.00 $ 849.95
Active Hearts Foundation

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